Make IT Yourself!

Positive Pressure Respiration Unit


V.1 on Google Drive

Version 1, was the first shot at making it, it included a single Voltage booster and TPU seals, aswell a voltage display and a speed controller for the fans.


V.2 on Google Drive

Version 2, was the second attempt, including dual voltage boosters, a new kind of switch, and a round body shape.

The Kits are now availiable on my Etsy

If it doesn't work feel free to send me a message.


V.3 on Google Drive

Version 3, was the most refined version so far, but it did contain one important upgrade a full seal from Filter through the fan to the output. 


V.4 is in progress, and is available to the patrons.

It'll have dual Power boosters, proper seals heatsinks for the electronics and more fun stuff!

You can order it in 3 styles

3M fIlters, North Filters

1) Just the shell as a kit

2) The shell and electronics as a kit, or

a fully functional unit pre assembled.


The 3D files are currently unavailable* while we work a local university to prove it's effectiveness.

*Except Through my Patreon